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Becoming Positively Awesome:
Transform Your Life Through the Power of Positive Thinking 

Drs. Darren & Kelley Kirchner

Drs. Darren & Kelley Kirchner are the Founders and Lead Educators of Natural Solutions Group. They specialize in restoring and maintaining all aspects of health (Mind/Body/Spirit) through the most natural means available.

Drs. Kirchner have extensive experience in the field of natural medicine and have helped people restore their health, from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. They are experienced in providing quality education, innovative solutions, and a personalized approach to patient care. Their approach and methods are sought out by natural providers and their clients from across the country.

Drs. Darren and Kelley are committed to providing the highest level of services and programs to patients and their providers. They are passionate about helping people find optimal health and wellness through natural methods. They are dedicated to helping people achieve their health goals and live their best lives.

Dr. Scott Butler

Dr. Scott Butler is a highly experienced chiropractic physician, master NLP practitioner, master hypnotherapist, board eligible board of chiropractic internists, acupuncturist, and health coach. He has been in practice for 22 years and holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic, certification in hypnotherapy, coaching, and acupuncture from Logan University and Transform Destiny.

Dr. Butler focuses on helping individuals who are out of balance in their lives, by combining the use of physical, mental, and energetic treatments to adjust the underlying causes to their imbalance.

Dr. Butler has a passion for helping people and has dedicated his career to helping people achieve a sense of balance in their lives. He has worked with clients from all walks of life, including athletes, business owners, blue collars employees, stay at home parents and children to help them reach their goals and find a sense of peace and balance.

Dr. Butler is an avid learner and teacher. He regularly attends and presents at conferences and seminars to stay up to date on the latest techniques and treatments. He also offers online education to help people take their health and well-being into their own hands and to the next level.

Dr. Butler is passionate about helping people achieve and maintain a sense of balance in their lives. He is dedicated to providing quality care and helping his patients and clients reach their goals.

Kari Whitaker

Kari Kelly Whitaker is an Executive Business Coach with Voice of Won. She brings four years of professional experience to her coaching role, having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising from Southwest Texas State University, Licensed Texas Realtor, as well as holding certifications as  Master Practitioner of  Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner TIME Techniques, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Life and Success Coach, and EFT Practitioner.

Kari is passionate about helping Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, Title Representatives, and Coaches make more money in less time, creating a life by design rather than default. Her 19 years of experience as a Realtor have earned her a Platinum Top 50 Finalist nominee multiple times, and she is also a Certified Residential Specialist and a Graduate Realtor Institute and Residential Finance Consultant.

Kari is dedicated to helping her clients reach their goals and is always looking for ways to help them achieve success. She is a creative problem solver who is committed to providing her clients with the best possible service. Her enthusiasm and passion for her work are evident in everything she does.

Kari is truly a leader in the business coaching world and is based out of the #1 Keller Williams office in the world with over 1300 agents. With her years of experience and expertise, she is the perfect person to help you create your life of abundance and joy.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Rodman

Dr. Jeffrey J. Rodman developed a holistic and integrative approach to End Every Addiction. His upcoming book, End Every Addiction will be released in mid-2023 and a free Companion Journal is available www.endeveryaddiction.com.

Dr. Rodman’s approach focuses on people’s thinking, feelings, and behaviors while helping clients achieve their highest potential. He emphasizes the goodness in clients and works toward each person’s growth and self-actualization by helping clients make changes at the identity level. His Personal Transformation Therapy approach utilizes Hypnotherapy, NLP Brain Training, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Eye Movement Integration (EMI) and Brain Health Coaching.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Rodman specializes in helping client eliminate life controlling issues. Dr. Rodman received his BS in Chemical Dependency Counseling and M.Ed. in Counseling and Development from George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia and his PhD in Religion from Christian Bible College in Rocky Mount, NC. He is Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner (LSATP) in Virginia as well as an internationally Board Certified Clinical Master Hypnotherapist (CCMHt). He holds numerous additional credentials and certifications as well as ending his own addiction over 30 years ago.

Jerry Barnett, MSC, MNLP, MHt

Board Certified Master Business & Success Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Master Hypnotist

Jerry Barnett is the founder and CEO of NetShapers (www.netshapers.com), a web development firm in Baton Rouge that specializes in website design, custom software development, and digital advertising.  Since 1998, NetShapers has helped businesses of all sizes increase their profits and serve more clients.

After becoming a Certified Networker with the Referral Institute, Jerry became an ambassador for the organization Business Networking International and served as President and mentor of his local chapter.

Most of Jerry's hobbies, such as woodworking and playing various musical instruments, involve creating things that are both aesthetic and functional.  He also fulfills that passion when designing innovative ways to help businesses reach their goals and is personally involved with every project.  Jerry strives to forge long-term relationships with his clients and his drive comes from helping others succeed.

He attributes his success to being a lifelong learner and finding creative solutions to new challenges. 

Aloha J McGregor

Aloha J McGregor is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She has a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling from Liberty University.

She has also earned professional certification from the National Board for Certified Counselors and works as a National Certified Counselor (NCC). Along with her education as a counselor, she is also a licensed Minister. Aloha is a board certified as a Master clinical hypnotherapist and Master Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), TIME Technique, and EFT practitioner.

Her other noteworthy accreditations include being a member of the Psi Chi National Honor Society, a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, International Board of Coaches and Practitioners (IBCP) and being part of the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia.

To work towards decreasing the time of healing towards wellness she started her own journey of learning alternative therapy orientations and started her private practice Mending Minds Counseling and Coaching Group, of which The Mind Mender is a part of. Aloha is the author of other self-help books and has developed other digital products to assist others along their journey.  To find out more about services and products visit www.mendingmindscounselinggroup.com

Kiersten Blest

Kiersten Blest is a Transformation and Transition Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and EFT Practitioner with more than 20 years of corporate experience helping established and emerging leaders accelerate their success with less stress and overwhelm. She is a graduate of Bentley University with a BS in Business Management and is a Six Sigma Green Belt. She is also a co-founder of The Unsinkable Life.

Kiersten has worked with hundreds of mid-life professionals who have endured difficult or dysfunctional relationships and helps them rediscover the power of who they are and stop questioning their worth. Her clients elevate confidence, overcome stress and fears, and free themselves from self-defeating thought patterns without spending more time in talk therapy. Her expertise in clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, and numerous other science and energy-based modalities, combined with her corporate experience, makes her uniquely qualified to guide her clients through the process of rewriting their narrative and rediscovering who they are at their core, paving the path for greater success in their personal and professional lives.

Kiersten strongly believes that our past does not need to define us and that we have a choice as to whom we decide to become. She provides her clients with a much-needed safe space free from judgment, along with the tools they need to unlock the full potential of their personal power and tap into their inner strength, so they create a more empowering, successful, and fulfilling life.

Lura J. Dahlem, MAPM, MNLP, MCHt, MSC, MTT

Lura Dahlem is a professor, master wellness practitioner, success coach, mentor, and proud grandmother to two incredible kids and one grand-dog. She has always been captivated by the seemingly magical ways people can thrive and prosper in life.

Lura holds three degrees: one in Business and two in Pastoral Ministry. She has an extensive background, including roles as a social worker, graduate school registrar, adjunct professor, lay minister, entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of Living ALOT, Inc. with two client offices in Northern Oklahoma.

She has taught a variety of subjects at the graduate school level, such as Emotional Intelligence, Servant Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Behavior. Lura is also a co-author of the book, Peeling Back the Layers. She has served thousands of client hours, both online and in-person, specializing in releasing emotional trauma and chronic pain.

Lura is board certified through IBCP and IHF as a Master NLP Practitioner, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Success Coach, and Master Wellness Practitioner. Her passion for her work is evident in the life she has created. For more information on the work Lura does and the services she provides, please visit her website at https://www.LivingALOT.com.

Aruna Ramamurthy

Aruna Ramamurthy is a licensed medical massage therapist with 14 years of experience, yoga and trapeze instructor, breath coach, NLP practitioner, certified life and success coach, and clinical hypnotherapist. She graduated from Madras University in India with a BS in Mathematics, Cincinnati School of Medical Massage, Yoga Teacher's College and Transform Destiny.

Aruna is the founder of Enlighten Embody Empower Yourself LLC, which helps heart centered women entrepreneurs live a mindful, abundant, joyous life with inner peace while fulfilling their purpose.

Aruna is passionate about helping people reach their fullest potential and believes in the power of the mind, body, and soul. Through her unique approach to coaching, she has helped many find the courage and motivation to reach their goals.

Aruna is a highly sought-after speaker for her authenticity and has been invited to speak at many conferences and seminars. She is an active member of many professional organizations.

Tracie Ullman

Tracie Ullman is a Hypnotherapist Empowerment Coach and Trainer with 15 years of experience. She graduated from Transform Destiny School of Hypnotherapy with a Major in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.

Tracie helps business owners, parents, and struggling sales people make life easier and stress-free. She is an author and has appeared on Ted X, and Dr. Oz show and hosted the Empower Hour Radio Show on WCHE Philadelphia.

Her dedication to her profession has been recognized in the form of awards, most notably the Business of the Year in Chester County Pennsylvania. She has also been featured in various publications such as the Daily Local, Main Line Magazine, and The Reading Journal.

Tracie's philosophy is to empower her clients to move beyond their comfort zone and create a life that is meaningful and successful. She believes that everyone has the potential to realize their dreams and goals, no matter the challenges they may face.

Tracie is passionate about her work and encourages her clients to take control of their lives and make positive changes. She believes that through self-discovery, personal growth, and creating balance, we can all live our best life.

Tracie is here to help her clients identify their personal and professional goals, and to provide the support and guidance they need to reach them. With her help, her clients can break free from the shackles of stress and anxiety and learn to live a life of abundance and joy.

Lisa Ann Studer

Lisa Ann is an Internationally known Psychic Medium, and Intuitive Healer.  She is Board Certified through the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners and holds the following credentials: NLP Practitioner, Success & Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Time Techniques Practitioner, and EFT Practitioner. She is also Certified as a Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and received her Past Life Regression Certification directly from Brian Weiss.

Lisa Ann is the published author of the books No Phones in Heaven and Past Lives - Have I Been Here Before? and the creator of 3 Guided Meditation CD’s Angelic Whispers, Body Mind Spirit, and Create Your Reality.  She also has her own line of Essential Oils called Spiritscents.

Lisa Ann hosted her own TV show Create Your Reality, was the lead Psychic on the TV show Scared, co-hosted two Radio shows The Paranormal Outsider and Walt & LA Live, has been a guest on several TV and Radio shows as well as having her work featured in several books.

She began her career in NY in 1995 and founded Spiritquest in 1999.  In 2013 she relocated to NC and met her husband Kyle (a massage therapist).  Today Spiritquest is a full-service Body Mind Spirit Spa & Gift Shop which they run together. 

Michelle Duffy

Michelle has an in-depth understanding of the power of NLP, hypnotherapy, and metaphysical principles and uses her expertise to help her clients create profound and lasting change.

She holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and uses her knowledge to develop customized programs that validate spiritual principles with science. Her courses concentrate on aligning the conscious mind (analytical) with the subconscious mind (beliefs) to achieve congruency. This Alignment results in remarkable and long-term outcomes for clients, including releasing anxiety and stress, processing negative beliefs, living in the present moment, an understanding how to navigate the game of life.

Michelle is especially passionate about helping mothers know how to regulate their nervous system proactively, so they come from a place of compassion and intuition needed to raise happy, self-determined, and confident children.

Her mission is to help others reach their highest potential and live a life full of abundance, purpose, and joy. If you're looking for guidance, support, and a renewed sense of purpose, you can trust Michelle to help you create profound and lasting change.

Julee Muro de Gerome

At an early age, Julee took interest in cultural diversity, travel, and the supernatural, and discovered that she had a psychic gift. Growing up in a single-parent household as the eldest of 2 daughters, Julee strived for academic excellence in her search for validation. During her junior year of high school, she participated in an exchange student program for nearly 1 year in Indonesia which solidified her continued interest in language and culture. A few years after graduating high school, Julee became a proud mother with the birth of her son, Jordan, followed by daughters, Kenya and Liana. Her love of language and education lead Julee to study hypnosis and past life regression, and after receiving her BA in American Sign Language, at age 45, Julee began service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic where she met her husband, Rafael. Julee is completing her master's degree in organizational leadership and is a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Amanda Scott, MA, LCPC, NCC

Amanda Scott is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor over 15 years of experience in education and counseling. She is currently employed at GreenPath Clinic, Dayrise Wellness, and Park Ridge Psychological Services.

Amanda has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help individuals navigate life’s transitions, identify and reach personal potential, and create and accomplish goals. She is a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional, Certified ADHD Professional, Licensed Professional Educator, and Learning Behavioral Specialist.

Amanda is passionate about providing her clients with the best care possible and her ability to connect with her clients on a personal level has been a great asset in helping them on their path to self-discovery and development. She has a strong commitment to helping individuals reach their potential and live a full and meaningful life.

Through her professional experience and training, Amanda is able to provide her clients with the tools they need to make positive and lasting changes in their lives. She is dedicated to helping her clients reach their fullest potential and discover their true selves.

Helen Fong

Helen Fong is an international Bikini Fitness Champion, Health coach and Influencer, and NLP Practitioner. With four years of experience in this field, Helen graduated from Transform Destiny with a Certification in NLP.

Helen is passionate about helping women in their 40s and 50s look and feel young again. Helen's specialty is showing clients how to get slim and trim even after 50 years old. Through her own experience, Helen can motivate and empower women to become the best version of themselves.

Helen's accomplishments include 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in multiple Bikini Fitness competitions. She is also the author of the book "TonedAt50", which shares her journey in the fitness field that 50 is the new 30.

Helen is an inspiring example of how age should never be a barrier to looking and feeling good. She is passionate about motivating and inspiring women across the world to reach their health and fitness goals.

Helen is an inspiring figure in the health and fitness industry. With her enthusiasm and dedication, she is helping women of all ages to look and feel their best.


John Jaco; BA, MSW, LSWAIC-WA, CCHT is a Licensed Social Work Independent Clinical Associate (Washington State) with over 30 years of experience. He holds degrees from the University of North Texas, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, in Sociology, Clinical Social Work, as well as certifications from Transform Destiny in Hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

John specializes in helping adults between the ages of 18-108 (as we are all a work in progress) to  overcome their “overwhelm” as well as anxiety and depression while providing tools to turn their struggles into strengths. He has helped hundreds of people across the United States better manage their weight, and addictions, as well as better manage his clients’ emotional hurt and grief processing.

John is passionate about helping people heal, not just physically but emotionally too. He is dedicated to providing his clients with compassionate and non-judgmental care. He provides a safe and supportive environment for his clients to make the changes they need in order to move forward with their lives.

John is an experienced and knowledgeable professional who cares deeply about his clients. He has the skills and resources to help his clients make lasting changes in their lives. If you are looking for someone who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, then John Jaco is the professional for you.

Roselito De Los Reyes

Roselito is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer and success coach who helps individuals and small business owners get clarity on their goals and build their businesses. He believes that everyone has the potential to create the life of their dreams and is passionate about helping his clients unlock their true potential and achieve success.

As a strong advocate of personal growth and development, Roselito has a unique ability to identify the root causes of his client’s problems and provide them with the tools they need to overcome them. His expertise in NLP and coaching has earned him a growing number of clients who have experienced amazing success under his guidance. 

Overall, Roselito's mission is to help many people just like you become successful and achieve their dreams, by providing them with the clarity, guidance, and resources they need to create a life of success, wealth, and abundance.

Mischa Holt

Mischa Holt is a self-directed education advocate and consultant. With over 25 years of experience, she has helped thousands of families find better ways to communicate, focus on what they want, and build connected relationships.

Mischa is the best-selling author of Unschooling Teens: Simple Strategies to Conquer the Overwhelm of Getting Your Kids Through High School. In her book, she shares insights and strategies on how to empower teenagers to create their own paths to success and document the journey. Mischa is passionate about helping teens and parents find the best ways to work together. She works with her clients to create a personalized plan for success to help teens unlock their true potential and to create a life full of joy and fulfillment.

Mischa is also a master hypnotherapist, allowing her to guide her clients to better understand their own internal struggles and how to best address them. Through hypnotherapy, she helps her clients make lasting changes in their lives and foster a greater sense of well-being and joy.

Elizabeth Garvey

Elizabeth Garvey is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Sleep Coach at usleepnow.com. She is passionate about helping veterans finally sleep, sometimes after decades of insomnia.

Elizabeth graduated from Transform Destiny with Board Certifications in Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Life Coaching, and is currently working towards Master Certifications. She is also a professional writer, editor, and artist.

Elizabeth's lifelong commitment is to assist others. She is driven by her own experiences as a daughter of a Vietnam Veteran. Furthermore, she has successfully battled and recovered from PTSD in her adult life, and her passion for supporting veterans stems from this. Her intention is to employ her skills and know-how to provide veterans the help they require, getting the rest they deserve, and establish a life they adore.

Elizabeth does this by creating personalized plans that fit each veteran's needs. She is dedicated to making sure her clients are comfortable and safe throughout their journey so they can reach their goals and thrive in their post-military life.

Michael Stevenson

Michael is a certified trainer, therapist and coach in Orange County, California. He is the author of Learn Hypnosis… Now! (www.learnhypnosisnow.com) and the creator of Hypnotic Trancescapes (www.trancescapes.com). He’s the President of Transform Destiny, Inc. where you can take his online and live courses in success, motivation, hypnosis, NLP and more.

Michael's pride and joy are his Michael's Inner Circle program and his Power to Create Your Life...Now! events. You can learn more about Michael at www.transformdestiny.com.

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